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Our Team

Ram Rajagopal - Principal Investigator:

Ram is an Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University. Ram's primary research focus is on advancing the design, optimization and data-driven modelling of electric power systems. His work involves creating novel sensing and control platforms, robust data processing algorithms and dynamic statistical decision methods. He has also extensively worked on sensing infrastructure systems and transportation networks. See his full bio here:

Arun Majumdar:

Arun Majumdar is the Jay Precourt Professor at Stanford University, a faculty member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and co-director of the Precourt Institute for Energy, which integrates and coordinates research and education activities across all seven Schools and the Hoover Institution at Stanford. Dr. Majumdar's current research focuses on using electrochemical reactions for thermal energy conversion, thermochemical water splitting reactions to produce carbon-free hydrogen, and a new effort to re-engineer the electricity grid. See Dr. Majumdar's full bio here:

Abbas El Gamal:

Abbas El Gamal has been on the Stanford faculty since 1981, where he is currently the Hitachi America Professor in the School of Engineering and Fortinet Founders Chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering. Prof. El Gamal's research contributions have spanned several areas, including network information theory, Field Programmable Gate Array, and digital imaging devices and systems. He has authored or coauthored over 230 papers and holds over 30 patents in these areas. See Dr. Abbas El Gamal's full bio here:

Juan Rivas - Davila:

Professor Rivas came to Stanford as an assistant professor in January 2014. He was an assistant professor in Electrical Engineering at the University of Michigan. Before becoming a faculty member in 2011, he worked for the General Electric Global Research Center developing power electronics for medical imaging and aviation systems. His research interests are in power electronics, RF power amplifiers, resonant converters, soft switching topologies and design of power converters for operation in harsh environments. See his full bio here:

Steven Chu:

Steven Chu is the William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of Physics and Professor of Molecular & Cellular Physiology in the Medical School at Stanford University. His has published over 275 papers in atomic and polymer physics, biophysics, biology, batteries, and holds 11 patents. Currently, he is developing new optical nanoparticle probes for applications in biology and biomedicine, exploring new approaches to lithium ion batteries, PM2.5 air filtration and other applications of nanotechnology. See his full bio here:

Sean Meyn:

Sean Meyn received the B.A. degree in mathematics from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), in 1982 and the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from McGill University, Canada, in 1987 (with Prof. P. Caines, McGill University). He is now Professor and Robert C. Pittman Eminent Scholar Chair in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Florida, director of the Laboratory for Cognition & Control, and director of the Florida Institute for Sustainable Energy. His academic research interests include stochastic processes, optimization, and information theory. For the past ten years his applied research has focused on engineering, markets, and policy in energy markets.

June Flora:

June Flora, a Senior Research Scientist, is the Powernet Project Coordinator. Flora conducts research on the outcomes of child-family and community based energy consumption reduction interventions, youth edutainment climate change interventions, and parent-child communication regarding the environment.

Gustavo Cezar:

Gustavo Cezar (SLAC & Stanford) – PhD candidate. Research interests in sensing, controls, power electronics and their impact in the power system. Advised by Prof. Ram Rajagopal at S3L and is part of GISMo lab led by Sila Kiliccote. Previously worked in the automotive industry characterizing internal combustion engines and programming ECUs.

Aaron Goldin:

Aaron Goldin is a PhD student in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department at Stanford University. His research interests include power electronics, electrical machine design, and sensing networks. Aaron is working with Professor Juan Rivas-Davila in the SUPERLab and Professor Ram Rajagopal at S3L. Before returning to Stanford for the PhD, Aaron worked on ocean wave energy conversion research and deep-sea marine robotics.

David Chassin:

David Chassin is a staff scientist in the Grid Integration and Mobility (GISMo) group at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, operated by Stanford. His current research is focused on scheduling and dispatch of fast-acting demand response resources, retail real-time pricing, and transactive control theory. He has been awarded 16 US patents in building energy system diagnostics, grid-friendly appliance controls and transactive control systems.

Mathew Kiener:

Mathew Kiener is a PhD student in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford, and he is generally interested in developing and applying mathematical methods to solve challenging problems in the smart grid.  In the context of the Powernet project, he is interested in optimization and control strategies that can guarantee certain levels of operational performance in the face of an uncertain and distributed grid environment. Outside of his studies, he enjoys getting outside and playing Spikeball

Neil Cammardella:

Neil is a Ph.D. student at the University of Florida, in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He helps with load modeling and is also a member of the Market Design and Analysis team. His interests include using load flexibility to mitigate the volatility of renewable energy. Read his full bio here:\neil-cammardella-674a701a

Jonathan Goncalves:

Jonathan is the project's Software Architect and wants to be a part of the change he wants to see in the renewable energy market.

Thomas Navidi:

Thomas is a Ph.D. Student in Electrical Engineering. He is a part of the algorithms team for the cloud coordinator. His research interests are to develop clever ways to control renewable energy to make it more appealing worldwide.

Yuting Ji:

Yuting Ji is a postdoctoral scholar working with Professor Ram Rajagopal at Stanford. Her research lies in optimization, data analytics, and statistical learning, with application to smart grid and power systems.

Supriya Premkumar:

Supriya works on all things cloud infrastructure at SLAC and she is building rich, intuitive Android Apps for Powernet at Stanford.

Alexandre Spitz:

MBA / MS (E-IPER) student at Stanford. He is a part of the Tech to Market team. He is interested in helping design the business models around these innovative smart grid and smart home technologies to maximize adoption and efficiency. Read his full bio at

Anupama Kumar:

Anupama Kumar is working on the Vader and the Powernet projects. She is involved in part networking (socket programming) part of integrating Hardware in the loop simulators with Vader servers: establishing data communication between the two. While at power net, she is assembling the circuit for the smart plugs and testing them. She is also working on integration with Alexa, the Amazon smart device. Individual efforts include putting up Jupiter systems to analyze various data collected using NestAPI, UtilityAPI and PlanetLabsAPI.

Greg Stillman:

Greg Stillman is a joint MBA + MS with the EIPER program at Stanford University. He is a part of the Tech-to-Market team at Powernet. His research/academic interest are centered around the technology promises and business opportunities around a smarter electric grid. Find his full bio here:

Ed Ng:

Edward Ng is an MS with the EE program at Stanford University. He is a part of the load forecasting team at Powernet. His research/academic interest are applications of neural networks and development of neural network architectures. Find his full bio here:

Junjie Qin:

Junjie is a PhD student at ICME at Stanford University. He is a member of the cloud coordinator group and market group. Junjie works on control and market design problems for powernet. Read his full bio here:
Sila Kiliccote:

Sila Kiliccote is a staff scientist and the leader of the Grid Integration, Systems and Mobility research at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. Prior to joining SLAC full time, Ms. Kiliccote worked as a demand response expert at Google and spent over 10 years at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) as a deputy of the Demand Response Research Center leading the grid integration initiatives. At LBNL, she worked with a team to develop OpenADR, Virtual Grid Integration Laboratory (VirGIL) and worked on the deployment of micro-PMUs for distribution systems. See her bio here: